Journalist Anne Hilton hiked all the way to the Arena forest just so you could enjoy these photos.


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Trinidad and Tobago free wallpaper featuring nature, architecture and other cool photos

Added January 15

Mud Oven

A mud oven in Brasso Seco, Trinidad, owned by
Dr. Stuart Millar, smokes while warming up for use,
2002. Photo: Anne Hilton

Added January 15

Sluice Gates, Felicity Village

Sluice gates viewed from the Caparo River
near Felicity Village, Chaguanas, Trinidad, 2002.
Photo: Anne Hilton


Arena forest reserve

The beauty of the Arena Forest Reserve
Photo: Anne Hilton


New life from old

New plants grow on the remains of a fallen branch
Arena Forest, 2001
Photo: Anne Hilton


Light and Shade

Sunlight filtering through the forest canopy creates light and shadow effects
on the forest floor, Arena Forest, 2001.
Photo: Anne Hilton



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