Thanks to Eric Scott Henderson for these wonderful old images of T&T, some from as far back as the turn of the last century!

Used with permission from his private collection.


If you decide to use our pictures for any kind of publication, web, print, CDROM (i.e. anything besides what we have told you they are for), PLEASE ASK US FOR PERMISSION FIRST! The pictures are the property of the PHOTOGRAPHERS, and at their discretion they may choose to take legal action against anybody who is using their work without their written permission.


Trinidad and Tobago free wallpaper featuring nature, architecture and other cool photos


Almond Walk

Hand tinted postcard of what used to be Broadway,
Port of Spain, possibly before 1905.



This may be a historical photo of what we now
refer to as the Bamboo Cathedral.


Cannings Store

The largest grocery store
in the West Indies at the time.


Catholic Cathedral

Catholic Cathedral as it was nearly
a hundred years ago.


Colonial Hospital

Still standing in the same spot, still serving.


Customs Office

The officers that Trinis dread the most,
after going abroad for vacation!


South Entrance of Frederick St.

Traffic is much worse now.


Indian Family

Today, some rural districts are only a few steps up from this, although back then, this was the norm.


Mayaro Huts

Still a popular beach, just more crowded today.



Oxen Team

Grass-powered, non-polluting transport,
carrying sugar cane.


Queen's Royal College

Still considered a first-class school,
with an awsome view of the Savanna.



Roman Catholic Church

Harris Promenade, San Fernando.
Parking was much easier then.


On The Way to School

We're fairly certain that this photo is of Tobago.

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